tile_200Today, you will not have to read about some hardcore System Center stuff :) Today, I just want to let you know that my Windows Phone 7 application, called siTraffic, is available for download from Windows Phone Marketplace.

Application is intended to provide traffic information about Slovenian roads and border crossing. Main page contains four views: events, report, forecast and map. Application supports event sorting by distance, start date, end date and last update date. It is also possible to filter events by event category (accident, road closure, etc.), road category and current distance.

App uses data connection to download information. It is also possible to forward specific event description, report or forecast via SMS or e-mail. Location services is used to calculate current distance from particular event. It is also possible to update information by shaking the phone.

siTraffic is available in two languages (Slovenian and English), so it is also useful for foreign users who visit Slovenia. Default language is set up automatically based on your location settings, but it is also possible to change language in settings. There is also an option to dial Slovenian Emergency Call Center or the Police from within the application.




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