Ejecting CDs with PowerShell on remote computer

Have you ever wondered, how to eject CD on a remote computer with PowerShell. Well, I most certainly did. You may ask why? Well for pulling pranks of course. :) Yes, yes I know that I can just use Computer Management but where’s the fun in that right? Besides the PowerShell way would also enable Continue reading

ConfigMgr: How to enable TPM on Lenovo computers during OSD

By default, TPM is disabled on brand new Lenovo computers, so in order to enable “BitLocker” during OSD Task Sequence you have to go to BIOS and enable TPM manually. Fortunately, there is a way to do that automatically during the execution of the task sequence. Let me show you how after the break.

How to migrate specific user profiles with Configuration Manager

 Some time ago I realized that “User accounts” tab in the “New Computer Association” dialog box has no effect on the “scanstate” command, which “Capture User State” Task Sequence step calls. I did some digging on the internet but i couldn’t find an answer. Maybe somebody just forget to implement it, or something like that Continue reading