BITS integration pack for System Center Orchestrator

Last week I started to play around with Quick Integration Toolkit for System Center Orchestrator RC. Purpose of todays post is to let you know that I’ve actually created something.

Background Intelligent Transfer Service Integration Pack for System Center Orchestrator allows you to transfer files or folders between servers over http using Background Intelligent Transfer Service. Unlike standard file copy, this type of transfer is efficient also when transferring files over slow or unreliable connections. I will try to post some usage examples in the following weeks.

Please note that this is initial release of this integration pack, so it does not support all the features supported by BITS and BITS Compact Server. It also isn’t bug free, but I hope I can make it better with your help. Any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated. You can send any comments, suggestions and bug reports to my e-mail. My e-mail address is available on the about page.

You can download the detailed documentation and the integration pack itself at TechNet Gallery here.

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